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Need real-time analysis or control? Worried about losing data?

The powerful range of Data Acquisition Processor boards (DAP's) was designed to facilitate accurate, real-time data aqcuisition on a PC. The line makes extensive use of on-board CPU's to reliably handle timing-critical processes, and to reduce the PC's processing overhead. The DAP range includes 12, 14 and 16 bit cards, with the choice of ISA or PCI connectivity. A large range of signal conditioning modules are available, and extremely high channel counts are feasible, by using these options.

The key benefit of the DAP line becomes apparent with it's ability to continue processing, logging and other critical tasks despite Windows' demands on the PC's resources. FFT's, digital filtering and process control are a few examples of the capability of the DAP family, with the latest models featuring more computing power than many people's desktop PC!

  DAP 5200a/526 DAP 4400a/446 DAP 4200a/526   iDSC 816
INPUT PCI DAP boards   ISA filter board
Analog inputs 16 16 16   8
Expandable to 512 512 512 n/a¹
Samples (x1000) per second 800* 3200* 769* 614.4²
A/D Converters/Resolution (bits) 1/14 4/14 1/14 8/16
Digital inputs (synchronous) 16 0 16 0
Expandable to 128 n/a 128 n/a
Analog outputs 2 0 2   0
Expandable to 66 n/a 66 n/a
Digital outputs 16 0 16 0
Expandable to 1024 n/a 1024 n/a
Samples (x1000) transferred per second** 1666 2400 1666   614.4³
Samples (x1000) logged per second** 1666 2400 1666 537.6
More DAP models... DAP 3400a/445 DAP 3216a/415 DAP 3200a/415 DAP 3000a/212 DAP 1216a/6
INPUT ISA Data Acquisition Processor boards
Analog inputs 16 16 16 16 16
Expandable to 512 512 512 512 512
Samples (x1000) per second 3200 200 769 769 100
A/D Converters/Resolution (bits) 4/12 1/16 1/12 1/12 1/16
Digital inputs (synchronous) 0 16 16 16 16
Expandable to n/a 128 128 128 128
Analog outputs 0 2 2 2 2
Expandable to n/a 66 66 66 66
Digital outputs 0 16 16 16 16
Expandable to n/a 1024 1024 1024 1024
Samples (x1000) transferred per second** 909 909 909 769 312
Samples (x1000) logged per second** 769 769 769 666.7 238

* To maintain full 14-bit resolution may require a lower sample rate when sampling more than one channel per ADC.
** Maximum disk logging and data transfer rates vary with PC platform.

¹ It is possible to use multiple iDSC boards in a single application: up to 112 analog inputs over 14 boards.
² Maximum aggregate sampling rate over all eight channels. Maximum analog sampling rate per channel is 153.6k samples per second.
³ Maximum sustainable rate given. Higher sampling rates require DAPL commands or a burst mode application.


The DAP 5200a model brings many more real-time data acquisition and control applications within the scope of Windows systems. Its onboard 300 MHz processor increases the real-time processing power of the top end of the DAP line by a factor of almost four. Real-time processing functions include smoothing, filtering, FFT, PID control, and responding to alarm conditions; the DAP 5200a also can scan high-speed data for trigger events in real time to capture pre-trigger as well as post-trigger data. The 14-bit A/D samples inputs at up to 800k samples per second and the 12-bit D/A updates analog outputs at up to 1666k samples per second, with expandable analog and digital inputs/outputs, making the DAP 5200a ideal for a huge range of high performance applications.

 Sampling speed: 800K samples/s
 Resolution: 14-bit
 Connectivity: PCI
 Analogue channels: 16 - 512
 Digital i/o channels: 16 - 1024
 Power: N/A
 Dimensions: Full-length PCI

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