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PERSONAL488 Controllers

The Personal488 family of PC/IEEE 488 controllers offers drivers for all popular programming languages and operating systems, from the high-performance Windows® 95, Windows NT, and Windows 3.x drivers, to the easy-to-use HP-style DOS device and subroutine drivers. What's more, the Personal488 family has been expanded to include IEEE 488.2 interfaces for most popular PC buses and communication ports. New additions to the Personal488 line include the Personal488/PCI, a 1 Mbyte/s PCI-based IEEE 488 controller with digital I/O; the Personal488/ATpnp, a plug-and-play 16-bit AT-compatible IEEE 488 controller; and the Personal488/CARD, a PC-Card that brings full IEEE 488 control to notebook and desktop PCs.  Personal488/PCI

IEEE 488 Controller Selection Guide Driver Software
Product Compatibility Data Transfer Rate Additional I/O Functions
Personal488/PCI PCI 1 Mbyte/s Digital I/O W95, NI*
Personal488/ATpnp ISA 1 Mbyte/s Digital I/O W95, NI*
Personal488/AT ISA 1 Mbyte/s W95, WNT, W31, DRV, SUB, NI
Personal488 ISA 330 Kbytes/s W95, WNT, W31, DRV, SUB, NI
Personal488/CARD PC-CARD 1 Mbyte/s W95, W31, DRV, SUB, NI***
Personal488/NB Parallel Port 170 Kbytes/s W31, DRV, SUB, NI**
Personal488/MM PC/104 330 Kbytes/s W95, WNT, W31, DRV, SUB, NI
* No DOS, Windows 3.x, or 16-bit Windows® 95 support W95=Driver488/W95—High-Performance Driver for Windows® 95
WNT=Driver488/WNT—High-Performance Driver for Windows NT
W31=Driver488/W31—High-Performance Driver for Windows 3.x
DRV=Driver488/DRV—Universal Language Driver for DOS
SUB=Driver488/SUB—Subroutine-Style Driver for DOS
NI=Driver488/NI—National Instruments Compatible Drivers
** No 32-bit Windows® 95/NT support
*** No DOS support


Analyser488, the first IEEE 488 analyser of its kind, can capture and analyse IEEE bus transactions at up to 1 Mbyte/s, the highest speed allowed on the IEEE 488 bus. The built-in vacuum fluorescent display provides convenient hexadecimal, binary, and descriptive alphanumeric information on every bus transaction. The unit can capture and store up to 32,000 transactions in its nonvolatile memory—it can even be unplugged and transported to another location for data retrieval and analysis. Captured data is easily output to any computer via the Analyzer 488 serial port.



The Extender488 provides an economical solution to the 60 foot (20m) distance limitation of the IEEE bus. Using high-speed 115.2K baud serial data transmission, a pair of extenders can stretch the bus up to 4,000 ft (1,000 meters). The Extender488 operates transparently to the IEEE controller, requiring no special programming, with the exception of Parallel Poll which must be performed twice due to the speed specification of the IEEE bus. The number of devices that can be controlled on the bus is doubled by the extenders. Both the local and remote bus can have up to 14 devices each, in addition to the extenders.  Extender488


Serial Communication Boards for PC/AT computers which offer multi-channel serial I/O capability via RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, and current loop. All of the boards in this family use an enhanced compatible version of the industry-standard 16550 UARTs, which include built-in 16-byte FIFOs to ensure data integrity. The single- and dual-channel boards can be configured for any available COM address, offering compatibility with DOS and Windows NT/95 applications without the need for additional software drivers. The four- and eight-channel boards include DOS and Windows NT/95/3.x drivers.  Serial Communications

Part No. Bus No. of Ports I/O Max Baud Rate* Connector UARTs FIFO Buffers (Bytes)

COM232/2 EPP
AT 1 parallel 115.2K 1 - DB25 2- 16550s 16 in, 16 out
AT 2 RS-232 115.2K 2 - DB9 2- 16550s 16 in, 16 out
COM232/2AT AT 2 RS-232 115.2K dual DB9 2- 16550s 16 in, 16 out
COM232/4PC PC 4 RS-232 115.2K quad DB25 4- 16550s 16 in, 16 out
COM232/8AT AT 8 RS-232 115.2K octal RJ-11 8- 16550s 16 in, 16 out
COM422/1AT AT 1 RS-422 115.2K DB9 1- 16550 16 in, 16 out
COM422/2AT AT 2 RS-422 115.2K dual DB9 2- 16550s 16 in, 16 out
COM422/4PC PC 4 RS-422 115.2K quad RJ-11 4- 16550s 16 in, 16 out
COM485/1AT AT 1 RS-485 115.2K DB9 1- 16550 16 in, 16 out
COM485/2AT AT 2 RS-485 115.2K dual DB9 2- 16550s 16 in, 16 out
COM485/4PC PC 4 RS-485 115.2K quad RJ-11 4- 16550s 16 in, 16 out
Current Loop
COM420/2PC PC 2 current loop 115.2K dual DB9 2- 16550s 16 in, 16 out

* For up to 2 simultaneous ports; 38.4K for 4, 19.2K for 8 simultaneous ports.

Part No. COM1-COM4 Compatible DOS/Windows Drivers Fully Addressable No. of IRQ Lines

COM232/2 EPP
{short description of image} 9
COM232/2AT ** 11
COM232/4PC   6
COM232/8AT   6
COM422/1AT ** 11
COM422/2AT ** 11
COM422/4PC   6
COM485/1AT ** 11
COM485/2AT ** 11
COM485/4PC   6
Current Loop
COM420/2PC ** 6

** With four or fewer COM ports installed, no driver is required. If more than four COM ports are installed, the included software driver accommodates the added ports.

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