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Filter Instrument Digital Filter Waveform Synthesizer Waveform Analyser


The model 900 is a 4- or 8-pole low-pass or high-pass filter instrument that has a field replaceable filter module and is tunable by front panel controls. The controls allow the user to select a corner frequency between 0.1 Hz and 49.9kHz with a resolution of 1:499 for each of the four selectable ranges. Front panel gain control also enables the operator to select a gain factor of 0,10, or 20dB. It also features dajustable gain control and Off-set. An optional battery powered version is available and is particularly well suited to applications requiring isolation from an electrically noisy primary power source. 900C Filter Instrument


The model 9002 Dual Channel Filter/Amplifier Instrument represents a state-of-the-art combination of performance, utility, and economy. The instrument features a digital controller, display interface electronics, and mix and match filter cards tunable from 0.1 Hz to 102.4 kHz, (Optional 204.8 kHz). Each 9002 can be configured with two independent low-pass channels, high-pass channels or a high-pass/low-pass combination for band-pass operation. Filter transfer functions must be specified at time of order. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the system controller card allows for key pad or remote programming via the IEEE-488bus. The instrument is encased in a compact 3.5"H x 8.5"W x 17.0"D enclosure for bench-top use or can be mounted in a standard 19" half-rack slot. 9000 Filter Instrument


The model 2030 is a high performance, easy to use instrument an unprecedented degree of functionality and waveform fidelity at a very affordable price. With a large interactive display, 50MHz data point output rate, and an endless selection and combination of functions, the unit can address awide range of applications requireing high precision, flexibility and speed. The device also features frequency resolution of 0.1ppm, amplitude flatness within 0.3db at 20MHz and functions such as logarithmic frequency sweeping sinx/x modulations. A library of waveforms is included, or you may download your own via the IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface. 2030


The 6500 Universal Waveform Analyser is one of the most complete, powerful, accurate and flexible instruments available for waveform acquisition and analysis. It features precision capture, storage, retreival and analysis capabilities to facilitate such tasks as one-shot phenomena and complex vibration analysis. Over 50 processing functions are available on the front panel controls and IEEE-488, RS-232 and HPGL interfaces are all available for external integration. The system performs real-time signal processing and spectral analysis using a 32-bit DSP processor capable of over 25 million floating point operations per second. 6500

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