Portable Data Aquisition Solutions

22-bit USB 100KHz Stand-Alone Chart-Recorder 1MHz Parallel port 100kHz Parallel Port PCMCIA 200kHz Stand-Alone 800kHz DSP


The Personal Daq is the first full featured PC-based data acquisition system to fully utilise the new Universal Serial Bus (USB). Two models are available, the personal Daq/55 and /56, both of which can be easily expanded with snap-on extension modules which incorporate special power management circuitry to meet USB specifications. The modules bring the total capacity of the system up to 80 analogue, thermocouple, digital I/O and pulse/frequency input channels. USB hubs can be used to create multi-unit systems containing up to 100 Personal Daq modules connected to a single PC, providing up to 8000 analogue and digital I/O lines.

 Sampling speed: 80 samples/s
 Resolution: 22 bit
 Connectivity:  USB
 Analogue channels:  10 - 60
 Digital i/o channels:  8 - 32
 Power:  USB or 6 - 16V
 Dimensions: 92 x 182 x 45mm
  Personal Daq


The LogBook/300 is a stand-alone data acquisition system capable of acquiring large amounts of static or dynamic data from a variety of signals and transducers. It incorporates a PC-card slot which will accommodate a solid state or hard disk drive with storage capacities of 250million, or more, readings. Applications may be developed using LogView “Out of the Box” software which is provided with the LogBook. The software is Windows based and needs no programming skills. IOtech’s existing range of DBK signal conditioning modules are able to be used with the new model which makes it possibly the most flexible stand-alone system on the market today.  

 Sampling speed: 100K samples/s
 Resolution: 16 bit
 Connectivity:  PCMCIA / RS-232 / Parallel
 Analogue channels:  16 - 256
 Digital i/o channels: 40 - 208
 Power: 10 - 45V
 Dimensions: 220 x 285 x 45mm


The unique architecture of the ChartScan/1400 portable recorder offers higher speed, lower cost per channel, and unrivalled connectivity compared to most strip-chart recorders. The ChartView software which is included uses familiar Microsoft Windows™ conventions to allow display of data in a smooth-scrolling, stripchart fashion, plus digital meter, analogue meter, and bar graph formats. The ChartScan/1400 far exceeds the typical 2 Hz rate found on most strip-chart, multipoint, or hybrid recorders. The recorder may be used while connected to a notebook or desktop-PC, or as a stand-alone instrument after set-up from the PC.  

 Sampling speed: 147 samples/s
 Resolution: 16 bit
 Connectivity:  Serial / IEEE488
 Analogue channels:  16 - 128
 Digital i/o channels: 32 i/p & 8 o/p
 Power:  110 / 240Vac
 Dimensions: 330 x 241 x 152mm

WAVEBOOK/512 & /516

There are two versions of the WaveBook the 16bit model /516 and the 12bit /512 The WaveBooks/512 & /516 are instruments specifically designed for applications that require high-resolution and high-speed signal capture, such as engine strain testing, multi-channel acoustical testing, mechanical integrity testing, and destructive testing. Operable from either AC or DC power, WaveBooks is ideal for portable, field, or bench top applications. They connect to notebook PCs via the enhanced parallel port (EPP) or an optional PCMCIA card interface. Connection to a desktop PC is via the EPP port or an optional ISA plug-in card interface.

 Sampling speed: 1M samples/s
 Resolution: 12 or 16 bit
 Connectivity: Parallel or PCMCIA or ISA
 Analogue channels:  8 - 72
 Digital i/o channels: 8 or 16
 Power: 10 -30V
 Dimensions: 216 x 279 x 35mm


The award winning DaqBook portable data acquisition systems for notebook and desktop PCs offer 12bit and 16bit, 100KHz sampling and can support up to 800Kbyte/sec data transfer to a PC via a standard or enhanced parallel port interface or PCMCIA link. The instruments are expandable from 16 to 256 channels and have the most comprehensive range of signal conditioning options available. Operable from either AC or DC power sources, the DaqBook series products are ideal for a variety of mobile, field or bench-top applications.

 Sampling speed: 100K samples/s
 Resolution: 12 or 16-bit
 Connectivity:  Parallel port
 Analogue channels: 16 - 256
 Digital i/o channels: 40 - 208
 Power: 10 - 20V
 Dimensions: 220 x 285 x 35mm


The Daq PCMCIA data acquisition system for notebook and portable PCs is available in both 12bit and 16bit versions featuring 100KHz sampling. The cards are expandable from 16 to 256 channels and share the comprehensive range of signal conditioning options available for the Daqbook and Logbook.

 Sampling speed: 100K samples/s
 Resolution: 12 or 16-bit
 Connectivity: PCMCIA
 Analogue channels: 16 - 256
 Digital i/o channels: None
 Power: n/a
 Dimensions: Type-II PCMCIA


The CardCorder Pro is a compact, rugged analysis and recording system which combines an integrated approach to data acquisition with the flexibility of a modular system. Multifunction Interface Segments simply slot into the system stack to accommodate a range of programmable signal conditioning cards. The whole system is designed for field applications where signals must be accepted from a wide range of remote sensors without external signal conditioning units. The impressive channel count and sample rate of the CardCorder Pro is complimented by the large data storage potential offered by removable PCMCIA cards. The WinDAS software, supplied, accepts CardCorder data (transferred by serial link or PCMCIA card) and provides a range of display, analysis and export features.

 Sampling speed: 100K samples/s
 Resolution: 12 bit
 Connectivity:  PCMCIA / RS-232
 Analogue channels:  8 -
 Digital i/o channels:  
 Power:  9 - 35V
 Dimensions: 18 x 14 x ??mm
 CardCorder Pro


CARD-CORDER 3 is the latest compact and rugged addition to the IRAAM family of data recording systems. It combines an integrated design with the flexibility of a modular system. Specifically aimed at the automotive and aerospace application sector where the size and reliability of the module is a major consideration, and where signals must be accepted from a wide range of sensors without any external signal conditioning. Each channel includes programmable filters, and the software features such as intelligent triggering and real-time data reduction. The unit stores data on a removeable Compact Flash card, similar to those used in many digital cameras, and can optionally support dial-up access via GSM phone links

 Sampling speed: 30K samples/s
 Resolution: 12 bit
 Connectivity:  Compact-flash / RS-232
 Analogue channels:  8 - 32
 Digital i/o channels:  
 Power:  9 - 35V
 Dimensions: 105 x 95 x ??mm
 CardCorder 3


The DAP 5200a model brings many more real-time data acquisition and control applications within the scope of Windows systems. Its onboard 300 MHz processor increases the real-time processing power of the top end of the DAP line by a factor of almost four. Real-time processing functions include smoothing, filtering, FFT, PID control, and responding to alarm conditions; the DAP 5200a also can scan high-speed data for trigger events in real time to capture pre-trigger as well as post-trigger data. The 14-bit A/D samples inputs at up to 800k samples per second and the 12-bit D/A updates analog outputs at up to 1666k samples per second, with expandable analog and digital inputs/outputs, making the DAP 5200a ideal for a huge range of high performance applications.

 Sampling speed: 800K samples/s
 Resolution: 14-bit
 Connectivity: PCI
 Analogue channels: 16 - 512
 Digital i/o channels: 16 - 1024
 Power: N/A
 Dimensions: Full-length PCI

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